Roof inspection

Homes that haven’t had a roof inspection done in a long time may be at risk or roof deterioration, possible leaks, rotting and mold.  The roof of a house is the most exposed part and it needs attention to make sure there is no room for loss.  It is important to keep in mind that your roof should be inspected about two times a year to make sure it is in perfect condition.  Roof replacements are usually done every twenty to fifty years, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be inspected every year.  If you live in a rainy state such as Oregon or Washington, it is especially vital to consider the condition of your roof.  Water leaks and mold are common in rainy locations. When a roof inspection is conducted, it is important to examine both the interior and exterior of the roof’s construction.  This helps to see if the existing roof was installed properly and if there is anything that needs attention.  AAK Roofing performs all of these steps to make sure your roof is in superb condition.

We Are Your Expert

Roofing Company

AAK Roofing is an expert roofing company that performs quality and high standard work.  We specialize in roof inspections, replacements, installations and repairs.  Our inspections are done visually as we come out to your property and we consult you on everything we see.  We strive for excellence in all that we do, so before we even begin working, we will make sure you, as our customer, know what exactly is going on with your roof.  Our roof inspection services include providing you with a summary of our findings, recommendations, and a free quote at the end of the examination of your roof.  We will provide you with a list of precisely all required maintenance,

roof inspection

replacement or necessary repairs.  AAK Roofing doesn’t overcharge their clients for work and there are never any hidden fees or high costs.  We do not mislead our clients into thinking that their roof is in worse condition than it actually is.  We want to make sure our customers receive proper services at affordable prices.

The roofing specialists at AAK Roofing are licensed, insured and bonded.  Our company follows all of the rules and regulations when it comes to dealing with roofs.  During our inspections we look for what needs to be fixed up to make sure your roof fits all of the required guidelines.  Allow AAK Roofing to inspect your roof to prevent any potential damage or loss, especially if you have not had an inspection in a long time!  We promise to provide you with outstanding service and care!

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